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New Sonic and Vocaloid ideas

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 18, 2015, 12:56 PM
I have new ideas for Sonic and Vocaloid couplings.

Yes I am still a fan of Sonic x Vocaloid coupling though I haven't done any in a long while.

My first will be a SonMiku image based on this song, Super Sonic Love.

Another will feature Hatsune Miku in her Sonic Costume, the detail I will remain quite out.

And the last one will be another Cosplay Crossover

Rin x Tails = TaiRin: Double Cosplay by Skye-Izumi Two characters from two different series cosplaying as each other.

The Cosplay crossover, I know let's call it Crossplay, Crossover > Cross, Cosplay > play, Cross + play = Crossplay.

So the two character will will be Crossplaying will be Sonic as Hatsune Miku and Shadow as Zatsune Miku.

CSS and Graphics by yami-hotaru-yuko
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It's My Fan Fiction! by Skye-Izumi
It's My Fan Fiction!
This basically most people with their fan fiction in a nutshell, (Me Included) hehehe
Skye Plays Omega Quintet by Skye-Izumi
Skye Plays Omega Quintet
Skye Is with two of his favourite Omega Quintet character, Nene and Miss Momoka.

I have recently found that my Windows 8 has a editing software installed on it, which is great if means I can get away from sharefactory, I am going to start a fresh let's play now that I can make much longer videos more then 15 minutes.

I still lack a capture card, so I still need to use the PS4's share to capture footage, but I can transfer that footage to my laptop and edit up that footage through Powerdirector 10.

I plan to upload part 1 of the new let's play of Omega Quintet soon, the previous one was deleted, it was only 2 parts under less than 30 minutes, the new part 1 will be 45 minutes 3 times longer than the first video in the previous let's play.

I'm still inexperienced in the youtube community, so I'm still getting use to it, but I hope for your support.
It's My Fan FictionI by Skye-Izumi
It's My Fan FictionI
This is basically people with their fan fictions in a nutshell. "It's my fan fiction, I'll tell it how I want to thank you."
Skye Plays Omega Quintet by Skye-Izumi
Skye Plays Omega Quintet
Hi to all Neptunians, this is Skye Izumi of Neptunia Club on Deviantart and Neptunia Channel.

What is Neptunia channel about, Neptunia Channel is all about Japanese games, I wish I could just stick to Neptunia games, but right now I don't have the means to collect footage for all the games, and I have everyone of the games, and Victory 2 is some time off, and eventually i'll run out of Neptunia games to play.

So long as the origin of the games are Japanese there'll be no restriction to what I play,  so I do plan to cover Final Fantesy and Kingdom hearts as their origins are Japanese.

My first let's play will be Omega Quintet, I'll be doing that for a while until i can gain the means to do my PS2, 3 and Vita Japanese titles.

Omega Quintet will be my first proper let play for this channel.
Nepsisters Triple Baka: Lineart by Skye-Izumi
Nepsisters Triple Baka: Lineart
Now before you ask, I like to make Plutia sisters with Neptune and Nepgear, twin Sister of Neptune, but born after Neptune therefore younger than Neptune, and of course older than Nepgear.

Now with that, here is a Triple Baka with the three Nepsisters together.


Skye Izumi
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My Lucky Neptunia shipping list

As of this journal entry I am only up to episode 16 of the Lucky Star anime, thus only the Lucky Star characters which I think consistently share personality traits, hobbies, interest with the Hyperdimension Neptunia characters will only be shown.

Also I aim to have fun doing these.

One by Djidji-Thirbaan

Of course we have to start this off with anyone's favourite purple haired CPU and Blue Haired Otaku.

Neptunia V- BROFIST by ChocoEmerald :iconxplz: konata by DeathPrinnces :iconequalplz:

Neptune and Konata both love to play game, they are lazy, they never do their work unless they have to, they are both annoying to the other characters yet rarely hated by anyone, especially their tsundere friends, also though they are lazy they are both athletic.

Neptune and Konata are just perfect together but the next two are even more perfect.

Two by Djidji-Thirbaan

Noire by MadGrav :iconxplz: Lucky Star - Kawaii Kagami by framboosi :iconequalplz:

Noire and Kagami, more perfect than NepNata they are the tsunderes that both of our lovely protagonists love to tease, the only difference is that where Noire loves to cosplay Kagami doesn't, it's Konata that loves to cosplay, however both of them are smart and they work the hardest of their respective cast, and the others tend to ask them for help due to laziness.

I'm certainly going to have a lot of fun with Neptune, Konata, Kagami and Noire expect all combinations with these four,

Turquoise Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Neptune x Konata, Noire or Kagami
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Konata x Noire, Kagami or Neptune
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Noire x Kagami, Neptune or Konata
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Kagami x Neptune, Konata or Noire
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Threesome
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Foursome

I'm limiting nothing with the Otakus and their favourite Tsunderes

Three by Djidji-Thirbaan

Rom Victory Portrait (DLC) by DevilnekoX :iconxplz: Tsukasa-Vector by MaxDragon :iconequalplz:

Honestly, I cannot see any other character working with Tsukasa other than Rom, somehow I think Tsukasa is what Rom would be without Ram, innocent, naive, gets excited to learn something new but are the least dependable without their sisters or friends to help them.

I also see Tsukasa x Konata as well in Lucky Star, because they are both airheads, which means it also opens up possibilities for Rom x Neptune, as well as Konata x Rom and Neptune x Tsukasa.

Four by Djidji-Thirbaan

Compa by KittieShade :iconxplz: Miyuki Takara by mario-anime :iconequalplz:

Compa and Miyuki. if you love Moe overload than these two together are Moe Overkill times four, they are ditzy, they are clumsy, they are polite they are intelligent, these two are all about Moe and is Super Effective if you're weak to things like this, the damage is like a water type attack hitting a Rock and Ground type Pokemon both types are weak to water so the Pokemon takes four times normal damage, if you're weak to Moe type girls then the effect of these two together will be times four damage.

Five by Djidji-Thirbaan

Fanart: Vert's Boing boing by ForbiddenImmortality :iconxplz: Nanako Kuroi by TeraFirma8894 :iconequalplz:

Vert and Nanako, I don't know why but for some reason I get a Vert vibe from Nanako, maybe because she too is an Otaku who is obsessed with Playing online MMO's when not working her job has a teacher, like Vert when not doing her job has a CPU is usually locked in her room playing online MMO's.

Though Nanako does tell Konata to do her work like Histoire would with Neptune, Nanako's personality traits, hobbies and interests are not really consistent with Histoire's for me to pair them, Nanako is more consisternt with Vert's.

Six by Djidji-Thirbaan

Nisa by MsYelenaJonas :iconxplz: Lucky Star - Yui by singular-plural :iconequalplz

Nisa and Yui, Nisa is a self proclaimed hero of justice and Yui is a Police Officer, both which are low on the intelligent side, when Nisa hears trouble she doesn't hesitate to help, which can sometimes be a big misunderstanding which lands her in trouble. Yui being a Police Officer you'd think she'd obey the rules more than others, nope. Off duty if another driver races pass her in another car, she races them Need For Speed style,

Like with Tsukasa and Nanako I can't think of anyone who could work in a shipping with Yui from the HDN cast, I can envision them teaming up to dish out justice Yuiisa style, so criminals beware

I pulled an all nighter to finish watching the rest of Lucky Star and I've seen all the characters from the anime.

However I have a problem, the character which appear in the second half of the anime I can't figure who matches them from the Hyperdimension Neptunia cast, now that isn't to say I couldn't come up with a match for any of them.

I have two, one is defiant the other I'm not so sure about.

Seven by Djidji-Thirbaan

Blanc by Shintaro-mk2 :iconxplz: [vector] Minami Iwasaki by akiranyo :iconequalplz: Blanami

Blanc and Minami, another perfect match like Nepnata and Kaganoire, they like to read books they tend to wear a blank expression, they are both flat chested and they are both aware of it, only Blanc is more violent about it when it's mentioned about her chest whereas Minami becomes depressed, imagine if she saw Vert or Green Heart's chest :), so Blanami team up to rid the whole of large melons =D

Blanami are a defiant, but the next pair I'm not too sure about though.

Eight by Djidji-Thirbaan

Chibi Nepgear by mimelex :iconxplz: Yutaka by Furzmet :iconequalplz: YutaGear

Nepgear and Yutaka, I'm not to sure with these two, there personailites don't really match all that much, they are both good girls, Nepgear loves Neptune and Yutaka admire Konata a lot, they also work harder than their older relative's Nepnata.

At the moment I can't think of any other matches between Hyperdimension Neptunia and Lucky Star right now.

Also what do you think of YutaGear :iconquestionmarkplz:



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