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How many groups do you watch. (Not member wise just watching) 

5 deviants said 90+
3 deviants said 10-19
1 deviant said 0-9
1 deviant said 30-39
1 deviant said 50-59
No deviants said 20-29
No deviants said 40-49
No deviants said 60-69
No deviants said 70-79
No deviants said 80-89

What Vocaloid song should the next Sonic X Vocaloid image be based on. (Each Song were suggested by others some for a specific pairing, there'll be links to each song.) 

2 deviants said Odds and Ends: SonMiku:… suggested by :iconsonic-speedsune-202:
1 deviant said Trick and Treat: TaiRin or CreLen:… suggested by :iconivansonicstory:
1 deviant said Packaged: SonMiku:… :iconskye-izumi: Also my Choice
No deviants said Coward Mont Blanc: SonMiku… suggested by by :iconotakudanny:
No deviants said The Vasteness of the Hereafter in This Flourescence: ShaZmiku… suggested by :iconshadowiscool123:
No deviants said Melt: TaiRin or Crelen:… also suggested by :iconshadowiscool123:
No deviants said Tell Your World: SonMiku:… suggested by :iconsonicsackboy:
No deviants said Love is War: SonMiku vs Amito (Amy x Kaito = Amito):… also suggested by :iconsonicsackboy:
No deviants said Happy Synthesizer: SeeLver…: :iconskye-izumi: My choice
No deviants said World's end Dancehall: Luckles:…


Skye Izumi
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
My characters

Skye and his Chocobo Fuyu by Skye-Izumi Skye Izumi and Fuyu

Skye Izumi is a male who has the figure and face of a female, the reason Skye as a feminine body is for reasons out of his control, it happened after being blessed by a newbie goddess who didn't know effects of blessing children.

In the world Skye is from children can be blessed within one year of being born, there are two kinds of spirits, animals spirits and deities/gods and goddesses who are also animal spirits with highers roles.

If blessed by a animal spirit the child gains animal features like ears, tails, wings and behavior traits that certain animals are known for depending on what animal they are blessed by.

However if blessed by a deity they gain everything above, also deities have humans forms too, if they bless a child, as the child grows up their body begin to form to resemble the human body of the deity who blessed them.

Deities cannot change hair colour, body colour or gender of a child, so if a girl is blessed by a macho male deity, the girl will gain a similar body while still being female , meaning having body parts that make them female. If a male is blessed by slender baby faced female deity, the male will also gain a body similar while still being a male.

Normally deities will try to only bless children of the same gender to avoid complications in the child's life, but Skye was blessed by a newbie Goddess who didn't know and you can see how Skye looks now.

Deities in Skye world are not immortal, they can't live forever and will eventually die of old age if not already been killed by something or someone else, Deities can either breed with animal or human depending on what form they take, or bless a child which may become a deity if chosen by the higher gods, more about them some other time.

Mikoto Nakano  by Skye-Izumi Mikoto Nakano

Unlike Skye, Mikoto was blessed by a normal fox spirit, Skye and Mikoto meet for the first time as teenagers, Mikoto works are a bakery that Skye eventually likes to visit often, the too become good friends, at first Mikoto like everyone else first mistakes Skye for a female.

Skye does tell Mikoto that he is actually a male, Mikoto is naturally surprised by this, Skye explain why he's like that, Mikoto is a little jealous that Skye is prettier than her, but this is what starts their love relationship, Mikoto wanted to date a boy but came around to the idea of dating Skye who she for a while thought was a female, finding out Skye was male was what began her really wanting a relationship with him.

Mikoto is extremely faithful to Skye, she never thinks of dumping him, cheating on him or letting talk trash about him behind his back, Skye is the same with Mikoto, the two eventually become intimate with each other leading the two into more of a sexual relationship.

As you may have guessed by now I'm planning my own series, my own story, Skye and Mikoto is the main cannon universe, other universes, alternative time lines will have Skye and Mikoto date other characters.

What song should the next SonMiku be based on.

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 12:00 PM
I'm thinking of doing another SonMiku based on a Vocaloid song.

Here are some examples of what I mean
Miku x Sonic: Magnet by Skye-IzumiMiku x Sonic World Is Ours by Skye-Izumi

Something like these, but a different song, or should I do a different Sonic pairing with a Vocaloid song.

CSS and Graphics by yami-hotaru-yuko
  • Mood: Love

Journal History


Miku the Hedgehog Games Archive

This is a list off all the Great Miku the hedgehog Games

Miku the Hedgehog by Skye-IzumiMiku the Hedeghog 2 by Skye-IzumiLuka the Echidna in Miku the Hedgehog 2 by Skye-IzumiMiku the Hedgehog 3 by Skye-IzumiMiku and Luka by Skye-IzumiMiku the Hedgehog CD Cover by Skye-IzumiRin Adventure by Skye-Izumi



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Sora - Sanctuary pt. 1 by keiko-artz

Riku - Sanctuary pt. 2 by keiko-artz

Kairi - Sanctuary pt. 3 (Final) by keiko-artz

I just wanted to tell you that your :+fav: was enough to inspire to work as hard as I could on my cover of “Sanctuary” by Utada Hikaru. You know, that awesome song from Kingdom Hearts 2! :) The link below leads to the efforts I put toward the cover. There’s some animation in there too. If you don’t want to listen to it or you want to listen to it later, that’s totally fine. I just wanted to let you know that your support was important and inspiring. 


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