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Rd 2 Which Sonic Vocaloid Pairing should I do next? (The one with the least votes get eliminated, like Crelen so make your vote count) 

3 deviants said Seelver Silver (Sonic Boom Style) by Silverdahedgehog06 x SeeU by zaaee
2 deviants said Luckles Knuckles by kslrmine x Luka by DAV-19
1 deviant said TaiRin Sonic Boom: Tails by zjedz-goffra x Kagamine Rin by framboosi
1 deviant said ShadMiku Shadow (Sonic Boom Style) by Silverdahedgehog06 x Zatsune Miku Love is War by ZatsuneZircon


Skye Izumi
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Spirit Gate

Spirit Gate is a series I hope to make on day, it will be a series where the original world and spirit realm live side by side coexisting with each other. To keep peace between the two, every September the tenth new born babies of the year can have the chance to be blessed by Spirits of the Spirit Realm all of them animal Spirits.

There are two types of Spirits: Normal and Deity Spirit, Deity means God or Goddess. The downside to being blessed is that one a child has been blessed, the blessing is permanent and it cannot be undone or changed. There is a difference between being blessed by a normal spirit and a deity spirit.

If a baby is blessed by a normal spirit they gain animal features in place of their human features such as ears, wings and tails depending on the spirit, the child may also inherit some behaviour and nature traits of the animal who blessed them and sharpened senses too.

Deities can transform from animal form to human form at will, any child who is blessed by a deity spirit, gain everything they would from a normal spirit, but as the child grows up their bodies begin to form to resemble the human bodies of the deity who blessed them, so a boy blessed by a female deity will grow to resemble the female deity, and it is the same if a girl is blessed by a male deity. Again the downside is that a blessing cannot be undone or change and the blessing cannot change the gender of a child.

Spirit Gate Characters

Skye Izumi by Skye-Izumi :iconleftarrowplz: Skye Izumi is the main character, Skye is a male he was blessed by the Female Wolf Deity Chihero Meyazaka and is why he looks like a healthy young girl. Despite his appearance, Skye harbours no resentment towards Chihero, rather they are good friends

Sarah Izumi by Skye-Izumi :iconleftarrowplz: Sarah Izumi is Skye's one year younger sister, unlike Skye Sarah was blessed by a normal wolf spirit. Sarah as little to no interest in boys, but she does express a strong interest towards other girls making her a lesbian. Skye though is an exception, due to his female appearance Sarah has developed secret romantic feelings towards him. Skye does love Sarah but not romantically, no one but Sarah knows of her secret romantic love towards Skye.

Chihero Meyazaka by Skye-Izumi :iconleftarrowplz: Chihero Meyazaka is the Wolf Deity who blessed Skye, she is a new goddess and has little experience, when she blessed Skye she didn't know about how child blessings worked. By the time Chihero learned it was too late she had already blessed Skye, Chihero is innocent by nature and is pure hearted, she is liked by most of the Deities and the people she has blessed including Skye.

Tsujana Kimimoto by Skye-Izumi :iconleftarrowplz: Tsujana Kimimoto is Skye's long time childhood friend, the two have known each other all of their live, Tsujana is one of the few who understands Skye and doesn't tease or criticize him for his appear. Tsujana harbours a crush on Skye which she is too shy to express to anyone, Skye too harbours feelings towards her, but Skye leaves their home settlement to join a guild so he can travel the world.

Mikoto Nakano by Skye-Izumi :iconleftarrowplz: Mikoto Nakano is the main love interest of Skye, Skye moves to a bigger town to join a guild to travel the world and protect it. Mikoto works in a restaurant that Skye would frequently visit, Mikoto like everyone first mistakes Skye as a female, Mikoto and Skye become friends, after he reveals he is actually male Mikoto falls in love with Skye, Skye too falls in love with Mikoto.

Ellena Nakano by Skye-Izumi :iconleftarrowplz: Ellena Nakano is Mikoto's two year younger Sister, a year after Skye left home to join a guild Sarah follows to join the same guild, upon reaching the guild Sarah and Ellena bump into each other, the two quickly become friends. As Sarah likes other girls she develops a crush on Ellena, but is shy to admit scared that Ellena might reject her, but Ellena eventually begins to develop feelings back as the two hang out.

Sonic, Shadow and Silver CO Alternative Pairings

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 9:41 AM
Thanks to Sonic Boom Stamp by Super-Marcos-96 there is now another version of Sonic stamp by SonyaLSShadow stamp by SonyaLS and Silver the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki

For a long time I have paired Sonic stamp by SonyaLS with Sing Hatsune Miku Stamp by Mimisuzu Hatsune Miku
For a while but not as consistent I've been pairing Shadow stamp by SonyaLS with BRS. by cheshirecatbus Black Rock Shooter.

Also for awhile and even less consistent I've been pairing Silver the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki and  SeeU Stamp by Mayu-Hikaru SeeU.

But Now Sonic Boom Stamp by Super-Marcos-96 is here we now have a new version of Sonic and yet to be revealed Shadow.

So now I have started pairing Hatsune Miku by konoesuzumiya with .:Collab:. Sonic Boom by Pyon-Suki Sonic Boom: Sonic the Hedgehog.

So now Shadow (Sonic Boom Style) by Silverdahedgehog06 Sonic Boom: Shadow the Hedgehog will start being paired with Miku Zatsune by Akage-no-Hime Zatsune Miku.

To be consistent  Silver (Sonic Boom Style) by Silverdahedgehog06Sonic Boom: Silver the Hedgehog will be paired with SeeU by hitsukuya SeeU

Those are the Sonic Boom Stamp by Super-Marcos-96 Hedgehogs.

Now we go to the main series  Chibi Sonic by Metal-CosxArtSonic,  Chibi Shadow by snoshu Shadow and Chibi Silver by snoshu Silver.

So from now on Modern Sonic in Sonic X by Lucas-da-Hedgehog main series Sonic will be paired with  Kuroi Mato by Amamiya-YuukoMato Kuroi with Magical Girl LOGO by hieloreipowers to transform into SD BLACK ROCK SHOOTER by qrullgx13 Black Rock Shooter Anime Version.

 Shadow on his bike by AkaiDaliafan Main series Shadow will be paired with BRS The Game fanart1 by Rom-Stol Stella Logo by Cup-a-Joefrom Black Rock Shooter the Game.

 Silver by SoerW Main series Silver will be paired with BRS ::Innocent Soul by Prissy99 Innocent Soul Black Rock Shooter.

Now before any of you say anything, the Anime, Manga and Game versions of Black Rock Shooter are all different characters, they have different stories, personalities, designs, as such like the Sonic Boom and Main Series Hedgehogs, all version ofs Black Rock Shooter including Mato Kuroi will be treated has different characters by me.

Personally I don't care about the other Sonic characters' alternative pairings just these three Hedgehog.

CSS and Graphics by yami-hotaru-yuko
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Miku the Hedgehog Games Archive

This is a list off all the Great Miku the hedgehog Games

Miku the Hedgehog by Skye-IzumiMiku the Hedeghog 2 by Skye-IzumiLuka the Echidna in Miku the Hedgehog 2 by Skye-IzumiMiku the Hedgehog 3 by Skye-IzumiMiku and Luka by Skye-IzumiMiku the Hedgehog CD Cover by Skye-IzumiRin Adventure by Skye-Izumi



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